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        文獻信息 使用產品 影響因子 在線預覽 文件下載
        Near-Infrared Light-Boosted Photodynamic-Immunotherapy based on sulfonated Metal-Organic framework nanospindle. 小鼠腫瘤壞死因子(TNF-α) ELISA試劑盒;小鼠腫瘤壞死因子(TNF-α) ELISA試劑盒; 在線預覽 下載
        Liu Y, et al. Baicalin inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells by regulating the MEG3p53 pathway following treatment with ox?LDL. Int J Mol Med. 2019;43(2)901-913.IF=3.098 kFluor647-EdU法細胞增殖檢測試劑盒(成像);kFluor647-EdU法細胞增殖檢測試劑盒(成像);kFluor647-EdU法細胞增殖檢測試劑盒(成像); 在線預覽 下載
        Lai Y, Xu X, Zhu Z, Hua Z. Highly efficient siRNA transfection in macrophages using apoptotic body-mimic Ca-PS lipopolyplex. Int J Nanomedicine. 2018;136603-6623. Published 2018 Oct 24.IF=5.115 細胞膜橙紅色熒光探針 DiI; 在線預覽 下載
        Liu K, Lv Z, Huang H, et al. FGF10 regulates thalamocortical axon guidance in the developing thalamus. Neurosci Lett. 2020;716134685.IF=2.274 細胞膜橙紅色熒光探針 DiI; 在線預覽 下載
        Li Z, Jiang Z, Zhao L, et al. PEGylated stereocomplex polylactide coating of stent for upregulated biocompatibility and drug storage. Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl. 2017;81443-451.IF=5.88 細胞膜橙紅色熒光探針 DiI; 在線預覽 下載
        Yang X, Gu J, Lv H, et al. Uric acid induced inflammatory responses in endothelial cells via up-regulating(pro)renin receptor. Biomed Pharmacother. 2019;1091163-1170.IF=4.545 細胞膜橙紅色熒光探針 DiI; 在線預覽 下載